Cybersecurity Impacts of the Russia/Ukraine Situation - Urgent Panel Discussion

1 min read
Now that Russia has moved into Ukraine with physical and cyberattacks, organizations around the world should brace for network impacts. CISA and the FBI have reiterated alerts warning U.S. companies and municipalities to prepare. In this urgent panel discussion, we will talk about the likely and the unlikely effects.

On our Urgent Panel Discussion, held on February 24th, "Cybersecurity Impact of the Russian/Ukraine Situation" - we were joined by:

  • Bryan Hurd - Insurance and Cyber Intelligence Expert at Aon Cyber Insurance (Stroz Friedberg)
  • Mike Hamilton - Critical Insight Founder and former CISO of the City of Seattle
  • Fred Langston - Critical Insight co-Founder and EVP of Professional Service
  • Jake Milstein - Event Host

The panel discussed the following:

  • FBI and CISA Warn of Destructive Malware Target Organizations in Ukraine (Killware/Wiperware)
  • Russia-Ukraine War: Phishing, Malware and Hacker Groups taking sides
  • Kremlin Deputizes Conti Ransomware Gang
  • Ukraine Calls on "Hacker Underground" to Defend and Attack
  • U.S. Is "Prepared to Respond" to Russian Cyberattacks, says Biden
  • Russian Criminals Attacking Strategic Targets