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Cybercriminals know manufacturers can’t afford downtime and the bad guys use that knowledge to extort companies.

We Know the Challenges You're Facing

You possess extremely valuable proprietary data – from product designs, to manufacturing processes, to innovations – and cybercriminals want to stop you.

Resource constraints 

Leadership tends to prioritize manufacturing functionality, uptime, and safety over cybersecurity in which leaves a critical gap.  

Third party complexity 

Multiple vendor relationships are a reality of modern business. You need to know who has access to your system and what they're doing.


Manufacturing systems have traditionally been isolated from external networks, creating a false sense of security that's dangerous.


Downtime can rapidly become very costly and criminals know you need to retrieve data or restore critical systems fast.


Mandates to improve cybersecurity are still evolving in many jurisdictions but risks are real regardless of the regulations.

Legacy systems

Older industrial control systems lack modern cybersecurity features and are harder to patch, which creates vulnerabilities.

"We're IT professionals, but security is not our primary job. Critical Insight catches things we might not and investigates them with more specific skills."
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Why Critical Insight

We are dedicated to defending the companies that keep America going. When you build, construct, and manufacture goods, you’re providing jobs and money to families; you’re the economic workhorse of the Nation. We are mission-focused to support you.

Deep Manufacturing Expertise

Our manufacturing customers build for consumers, businesses, and the Department of Defense.

Meet Your Insurance Needs

With cyber insurance costs going up and policies becoming trickier, Critical Insight helps manufacturers meet Insurance Carrier criteria and keep those costs flat.

The Right Guidance

Smaller security and IT teams need the right security advice and procedures as the business grows. Our vCISOs have the strategic expertise to help manufacturing IT Teams scale security knowledge with the business.