Incident Preparedness

When you're in the middle of a fire, you don't want to be reading the instructions for the fire extinguisher.

Prepare for the inevitable

77% of Organizations do not have an incident response plan applied consistently across the organization. Don’t be one of them. Be ready to manage a cybersecurity event.

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Minimize the cost of incidents

Unprepared organizations average more than 21 weeks of downtime after an incident. A strong plan will save you money and time.


Reduce the impact of an incident

Responding to a cybersecurity event quickly and comprehensively will limit the systems and data affected by the attack.


Prepare your leadership team

Cyberattacks impact multiple departments, not just IT. Your leadership team should be practiced and ready if an incident happens.

“We are more confident, especially on the weekend and after hours, that an outbreak will be caught fast. Our team has better work/life balance now that we have Critical Insight.”
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April Mardock

CISO, Seattle School District

A Total Incident Preparedness Plan

Preparing for a worst-case scenario will save organizations time and money. A multi-pronged incident preparedness plan will give you peace of mind, meet insurance requirements, and could save you months of cleanup from a messy incident.

Incident Response Plan Development

Every organization needs an IR plan. The plan should be prescriptive, practiced and up-to-date. CI’s collaborative custom plans leverage your investments, including Critical Insight Managed Detection & Response.

Tabletop Exercises

To truly test your IR plan, your team needs practice. Critical Insight leads tabletop exercises to make sure everyone is ready. Prepare your team for a real incident by exposing them to a range of scenarios, including ransomware.

Incident Response Plan Review

As organizations change, so should their IR plans. CI works with you to update your plan to reflect current realities.

Rapid Quarantine Playbook Development

If a security event occurs, you will have playbooks which match your incident response plan, customized to your infrastructure, personnel, and third party management. This plan can be integrated with Managed Detection and Response, so the SOC and CI Incident Responders take action to stop an attack and supply your teams with detailed information.

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