Active Incident Response

Bringing decades of experience to the table, our Incident Responders act quickly to fight for you.

Save time and money by using IR experts

65% of small and midsize organizations have had a breach, costing millions of dollars and months of time. Here to respond immediately and answer the tough questions, Critical Insight Incident Responders limit the impact of the attack.

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Limit impact and loss

Save money by acting quickly and effectively when you’re having a security event. Coupling Managed Detection & Response with Rapid Quarantine can stop the spread of ransomware.

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Determine root cause

User, hacker, or Nation-State? Where was the vulnerability? CI provides expert forensics both on device and at the network level, so you know what happened and how to avoid it next time.

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Prove you did it right

Insurance companies, Boards, and auditors require evidence of an effective incident response process. We’ll collect the auditable records to show you reacted in accordance with your IR plan.

“One of our employees downloaded something and all-of-a-sudden we were in the middle of an event. Critical Insight responded quickly, professionally and helped us get back up and running as fast as we hoped.”
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Responding the Right Way to an Incident

When a security event happens, customers with Critical Insight MDR and Rapid Quarantine, can often contain the incident in minutes. For other organizations, the Critical Insight Incident Responders can still assist with containment, eradication, recovery, and clean-up.

Incident Response Assistance

Knowledgeable experts practiced in responding to breaches assess your situation, give you advice, and take action.

Rapid Quarantine Playbook Execution

MDR customers get the full power of the Critical Insight SOC, allowing CI Incident Responders to quarantine a threat on the network.

Incident Response Retainer

Priority access at a pre-arranged cost, breach experts are ready to respond to your needs.

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