Managed Detection and Response

24x7 eyes-on-glass and more. Our MDR gives you the option to integrate preparedness and response, so you’re ready for any threat.

How We Help

Threat Detection and Investigation

Our Security Operations Center works for your organization so you can sleep better knowing we’ve got your back. We can take action to quarantine a threat on your network without additional cost.

Robust Response

We combine IR Preparation, 24x7 SOC, and Rapid Quarantine into one integrated service so you only need one security vendor partner to meet all of your security-as-a-service needs.

Deeper Investigations

Trained analysts monitor, detect, investigate, confirm, and act with tools that allow for deep packet inspection. We cut the duration of an attack from months to minutes.

Agentless and/or Endpoints

Decide what’s right for your organization: have the SOC monitor existing OT, IoT, or traditional infrastructure without agents and/or leverage endpoint technologies.

Exclusive Talent Pool

The talent shortage makes it hard to hire and retain staff. We’ve solved the analyst hiring hassle with a unique university program that creates our talent pipeline. We select only the best.

Elevated Threat Hunting

Our SOC team monitors and researches organizations across industries, learning about threats and tactics fast. The Adversary Replication and internal Pen Testing team keeps the SOC aware of new techniques.

US-based SOC

Our customers say they rest easier, take more relaxing vacations, and worry less, because we have their back. We are vigilant on your behalf, conducting full investigations around-the-clock.

“Using Critical Insight's Managed Detection & Response service was just a better business decision. Our risk is lower now.”
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Always Watching

Augment and Amplify Your Team

Monitoring and investigating takes 20-30 hours per week for a small to mid-size organization, if done right. Critical Insight offloads that burden so that your team can focus on other projects that create a path to progress for your business.


Deep Visibility - Everywhere

MDR for On-Prem

Visibility provides the foundation for detecting and responding to threats, and can be a real challenge in environments where endpoint agents aren’t an option. MDR for On-premises delivers comprehensive visibility into every corner of your network.


Digital Transformation

MDR for Cloud

Digital transformation has pushed many mission-critical resources outside of the traditional network perimeter, and attackers are quickly following. MDR for Cloud ensures effective protection wherever your assets live.

The SOC monitors AWS Guard Duty, investigating and responding to alerts. Analysts monitor network traffic traversing the firewall, traffic connecting to VPC instances, and admin activity on the AWS account.

The SOC uses Guard Duty to generate alerts, use Web Application firewall logs and Virtual Private Control logs to monitor network activity accessing from the outside (WAF), all within the Customer’s Cloud (VPC) network.

The SOC also uses CloudTrail application logs to investigate any application/service related activity or actions taken such as user/admin activity.

The SOC investigates Microsoft Defender for Cloud App & Identity alerts fully, combining that data with all other available sources to detect phishing, credential stuffing, and other attacks which may originate in the cloud but have effect elsewhere in your infrastructure.

The SOC uses Microsoft Azure's native services including Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Sentinel, and Azure AD Information Protection to provide detection, correlation, and thorough investigations. Additionally, the SOC can utilize Microsoft's Defender for Cloud Apps to provide further workload and SaaS app visibility and protection.


Better Coverage

MDR for Endpoint

Your endpoint protection solution not only blocks threats such as malware, but also provides important visibility into more sophisticated attacks. Our SOC monitors your endpoint protection solution, investigates activities and alerts, and responds rapidly.

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