Who We Serve

Water Districts

Don't let cyber criminals tamper with the water supply and treatment facilities your citizens depend on.

We Know the Challenges You're Facing

You provide a fundamental public service that requires cybersecurity readiness to defend against cyber attacks from criminals and nation-states.

Resource constraints 

Water districts operate on tight budgets which constrain your ability to invest in cybersecurity personnel, software, and systems.  

Growing target 

Today's attackers are motivated and may seek to cause chaos/make a statement, or simply extort you through ransomware.

Industry lag

Water utilities have lagged behind other industries in adopting digital tech and cybersecurity measures, leaving you more vulnerable.

Ransomware attacks

Threats are increasing at an alarming rate and the underestimation of impact reduces the sense of urgency, leaving you vulnerable.

AWIA compliance

AWIA Assessments and Emergency Response Plans are critical to your security program. You need help to meet insurance requirements.


Legacy industry control systems and outdated SCADA devices are costly to replace and require a more aggressive approach to IR planning.

"Knowing that your SOC has my back on nights and weekends gives me and my elected leaders confidence."
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John Traeger

IT Manager, City of Issaquah

Why Critical Insight

We are dedicated to supporting America's critical infrastructure and are committed to helping solve the cybersecurity talent shortage through PISCES, a non-profit founded by Critical Insight's founder, Mike Hamilton - the former CISO of Seattle, WA.

Deep Public Sector Security Expertise

Our founder, Mike Hamilton, is the former CISO of the City of Seattle and has seen first-hand the challenges facing the IT professionals trying to defend our water systems.

We understand US Government procurement and are committed to helping you steward public funds by improving the efficiency of cybersecurity dollars spent. 

Support for Grant Funding

The State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) has made grant funding available to state, local, and territorial governments across the country and you may apply for a sub-award through the State Administrative Agency (SAA).

Critical Insight can help you apply for SLCGP funding which can help you address capability and capacity gaps that state primacy agencies and local and territorial water systems may face when taking steps to improve cybersecurity measures.

We're Always There and Cost Efficient

Critical infrastructure is... critical. You need around the clock support so that when a breach occurs, you have the support you need. 

You also need expertise, but not all of the time - that's why a virtual CISO may be the best fit for your needs and your budget.