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Schools and students rely on you to keep them secure from cyber criminals.

We Know the Challenges You're Facing

School networks are easy targets for cybercriminals, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Schools must ramp up defenses to limit the damage caused by the inevitable cybersecurity event.

Resource constraints 

Your IT team has other priorities. Critical Insight’s SOC takes the security burden off your time with 24x7x365 threat detection, investigations, and response.

Third party complexity 

Through integrated consulting engagements and continuous scanning, know what you need to patch and better manage third-party risk.

Regulations & Insurance

Compliance and insurance are a hassle. We will help keep you on the right side of FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, and State Laws, as well as your insurance policy.

"I don't normally advertise for my vendors - but if you're looking for after hours emergency cybersecurity response, I have a suggestion. My team actually sleeps through the night as a result of hiring Critical Insight. We've even set them up so they can remotely isolate compromised Windows computers on our behalf."
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April Mardock

CISO, Seattle Public Schools

Why Critical Insight

We are vetted and trusted by other school districts and higher education institutions. Our custom services let you choose how you want to prepare, detect, and respond to cybersecurity needs.

In this video, Mike Hamilton - founder of Critical Insight and former CISO of Seattle joins NBC 4's breaking news coverage of the Los Angeles Unified School District's recent breach which saw all of LAUSD's IT systems, website, school student records, payroll etc and email shut down from an attack that was launched from outside of the country. LAUSD is the second largest in the USA.