Who We Serve

Healthcare Organizations

The American Hospital Association chose Critical Insight to be a preferred cybersecurity provider for The Critical Insight Healthcare Security Program including Managed Detection Response, Vulnerability Scanning, Incident Preparedness, and HIPAA Risk Assessment.


We Know the Challenges You're Facing

Improve your overall security with Critical Insight and stop ransomware gangs trying to shut down hospital operations and charge you ransom.

Resource constraints 

Small and midsize healthcare organizations have the same cyber-exposures and risks as major corporations, but you don't have corporation-size security budgets to protect your employees and patients.

Security coverage 24/7

Your IT and security team works hard but can’t focus on InfoSec around-the-clock. Today's attackers are creative, persistent, well-financed, and unfortunately focused on healthcare providers.

Compliance challenges

Healthcare systems need to comply with regulations covering patient privacy (HIPAA) and data security. Staying current with evolving compliance requirements is an ongoing challenge.

Ransomware attacks

Healthcare records contain sensitive personal information that makes them lucrative targets for ransomware attacks. Successful attacks can cripple hospital systems and put patient safety at risk. 

Unsecured devices

Connected medical devices like MRI machines, infusion pumps, and heart monitors introduce security vulnerabilities which make device security and network segmentation critical to maintaining security.

Phishing scams

Healthcare workers are frequent targets of phishing emails and texts trying to trick them into revealing passwords and other sensitive info which means you need security awareness training for employees.

"With Critical Insight on our side, we know that we have similar security capability as much larger institutions and at a reasonable cost."
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Andre Dixon

IT Director, Seattle Indian Health Board

“We needed a partner who could provide the right kind of coverage for our organization that had healthcare knowledge. Critical Insight did that for us.”
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Nathan Wright

Director of IT, United Derm Partners

Why Critical Insight

We'll help you control your cybersecurity costs while integrating your other solutions to maximize your existing investments. As a member of the American Hospital Association, you'll get a member-only discount.

Our semi-annual healthcare breach reports and our exclusive partnership with CyberSaint compliance platform are unique to Critical Insight.

Deep Healthcare Security Expertise

Our founder, Fred Langston, helped write the original HIPAA Security Rule, making healthcare cybersecurity part of our DNA.

We produce a semi-annual healthcare breach report as part of our commitment to educating healthcare teams about the changes in Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) cybercriminals are using to attack and exploit healthcare computer systems and networks.

Services Designed to Ensure Compliance

Our services satisfy insurance and compliance requirements, including HIPAA, PCI, and state laws and our exclusive partnership with CyberSaint means you'll easily meet compliance standards while reducing cost and minimizing risk.

Mitigate even the most unprecedented risks while automating control compliance assessments at scale with patented AI and machine learning technology.

This governance, risk, and compliance engine is free when you buy Critical Insight MDR services.

We're Always There and Cost Efficient

Get the exact services you need to prepare for and detect attackers. As a cybersecurity-as-a-service provider, we are available around the clock.

You can trust we'll be there to respond to attacks, because breaches happen and you don't need to be worrying about your budget during a breach.