Cybersecurity defense is a specialized topic that requires both deep subject knowledge and real-world experience - leverage our seasoned experts to fill the gap.

Why a vCISO

A vCISO is a highly-trained cybersecurity expert contracted by an organization to handle its IT security and compliance programs. They bring years of cybersecurity experience gained from working with multiple organizations and across all areas of the economy.

They learn the technology organizations have deployed, and build relationships with the C-suite, other executives, and the IT team. The vCISO combines this client knowledge with their industry experience to provide the best cybersecurity advice and build a strategy to deliver protection, governance, compliance, reporting, and a roadmap for any changes needed.


Ways We Can Help

A vCISO becomes a trusted member of each organization's management team and helps them deliver the core cybersecurity protection that every organization needs. In addition to providing technical guidance, the vCISO also ensures that the paperwork and other requirements necessary for regulatory requirements are met and maintained over time.


A virtual Chief Information Security Officer provides executive-level advisory and consulting services on retainer. Priced as a set number of hours (usually 280) for an annual program consisting of periodic occurrences and deliverables. Engagements occur using practices appropriate for an overall security program agenda. Learn more about the role and responsibilities.


Critical Insight also offers an Office of the CISO (oCISO) service that builds on the foundational offerings provided in the vCISO service. We deliver additional detailed oversight and have execution deliverables. Additionally, you'll have weekly project and incident management, monthly vulnerability assessments, and other necessary reviews. This also includes annual audit assistance, including Security Risk Assessments, Tabletop Exercises, and Penetration Tests.

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What ChatGPT Won't Tell You About Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISO) Webinar

In this webinar, Mike Hamilton and Brad Swanson cover:

  1. Duties of the vCISO role
  2. Customization and flexibility 
  3. Common weekly, monthly, and annual tasks
  4. Building a security culture
  5. The cost and value of vCISOs vs CISOs
  6. Regulatory compliance considerations

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