Who We Serve

Cites and Counties

Your citizens are counting on you to keep them safe, provide services and spend tax dollars wisely.

We Know the Challenges You're Facing

Cyber criminals want to disrupt the services you provide, and you can’t let them.

Resource constraints 

It's difficult to retain trained infosec employees in the public sector. We provide a full SOC, threat hunters, consultants, incident responders, and a red team available as a service.

Increasing threats 

Critical Insight’s integrated 24x7 services help you limit the impact of attacks by preparing for them, detecting them quickly, and responding rapidly.

Regulations & Insurance

Compliance and insurance are a hassle. We will help keep you on the right side of CJIS, HIPAA, PCI, and Local Laws, as well as your insurance policy.

"We have AI but the fact that we have real eyes around the clock is just invaluable to me."
IT provider
Dale Cantrell

Director of Information Systems, City of Wanatchee

Why Critical Insight

We are vetted and trusted by other cities and counties because our custom services let you choose how you want to prepare, detect, and respond to cybersecurity needs. 

Our Founder is the former CISO of City of Seattle. We will help you with exemplary stewardship of public funds by improving efficiency of cybersecurity dollars.

We understand Government procurement, public disclosure, and other challenges in the Public Sector

Simplify and streamline procurement with several contract vehicles including OMNIA, 1GPA, Provista, NASPO ValuePoint