Jake Milstein

Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Revenue Officer

Jake brings 25 years of product, sales, and marketing experience to Critical Insight’s brand and content strategy.

Jake Milstein is an experienced marketing leader with a passion for communications, storytelling, and content. Jake has worked in both cybersecurity and journalism which presents a unique mix of passionate, approachable, and clear communication around cybersecurity. Jake also speaks frequently at conferences and to Hospital Boards and Elected Leaders about cybersecurity and how to prepare, detect, and respond to cyberattacks.

Jake leads the sales and marketing team at Critical Insight to provide top-tier cybersecurity services to the people and organizations who need it most.

Before joining Critical Insight, he drove Seattle’s news station, KIRO 7, to become #1 in television rating, leading livestream, video, visit & page views. He launched the 1st local custom flash briefing on Alexa voice and video, became the most downloaded local news app on Roku, and created the most engaged Facebook local news page in America.