Technical and Pen Testing

We use existing and innovative attack techniques, informed by our SOC and Adversary Replication Team, so you get the most effective test.

Discover how attackers would target you

Our penetration testers have broad experience and know what techniques the bad guys are using right now, and some they haven’t figured out, so you get more effective testing. Our Adversary Replication team sees the attacks coming into the SOC and informs both our analysts and penetration testers.

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Test your team

Use Penetration Testing to drill your detection and response capabilities whether it’s your internal staff or your managed service.

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Comply with regulations

Annual penetration testing is required by a number of regulations including HIPAA, CJIS, PCI, and others.

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Remediate weaknesses

Either during or after a penetration test, get detailed replication and prioritized remediation instructions.

“We are more confident, especially on the weekend and after hours, that an outbreak will be caught fast. Our team has better work/life balance now that we have Critical Insight.”
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April Mardock

CISO, Seattle School District

Test your defenses and your team

Your security program needs regular testing, whether you do it for regulatory reasons or otherwise. We believe penetration testing should be a collaborative process without a “gotcha game” of making anyone look bad. The engagement we create with you will fit your needs with the right kind of reporting at the end, so you can improve, protect, and defend your organization.

Test your SOC or Ours

Our team has decades of experience in multiple regulated industries. They specialize in Internal or external Penetration Tests; red team, blue team, or purple team exercises; and black, grey, or white box approaches. You can test your current SOC provider or test our SOC if you have Critical Insight Managed Detection & Response.

Web Application Security

Test your website or any web app and determine whether it is vulnerable to attack. You can do this before it’s public, while it’s exposed, or before a major update. You’ll have the reassurance that you’re ready to go.

Prepare for social engineering

More than 85% of criminals get in through human error. Use social engineering tactics to see where your employees are vulnerable on social media or through email; Teach your team the rubric used by con artists, so they know what to look for.

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