Critical Insight Launches Insight Partner Program to Improve Cybersecurity for More Organizations

February 3, 2019 (SEATTLE, WA) — More businesses and organizations deserve modern, realistic cyber security. To reach that wider range of customers, Critical Insight is announcing that it is expanding by launching the Insight Partner Program.

Partners that work with Critical Insight will be able to bring to their customers real Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Customers with Critical Insight MDR get Critical Insight’s dedicated technology platform with 24/7/365 monitoring by expert security analysts. Those analysts are trained to hunt for intrusion attempts with detection analytics that identify and prioritize events for investigation. The Critical Insight expert analysts go well beyond what competitors do, with a mission focus to protect services critical to life and business. Customers with Critical Insight MDR lower the impact of serious breaches by catching intruders faster.

The Insight Partner Program is designed to enable customer-centric VAR, integrator, and IT managed service companies to bring Gartner-recognized MDR to their customers at a reasonable cost.

“We are thrilled to announce our new partner program at Critical Insight,” said Garrett Silver, CEO of Critical Insight. “By offering our flagship MDR service along with information security consulting services, we can help our partners’ customers achieve more than just regulatory compliance. When we work with our customers, our goal is to shore up the detection and response functions in their security program and help minimize the financial impact should a cyber security incident occur.” Silver continues, “We are keenly aware that organizations need more insight into their network so they can monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats. Our solution gives them that critical insight to their entire network.”

In order to combat rapidly-evolving cyber threats, the detection and response functions within the cyber security program have come into focus to protect networks from cyber-crime, reduce cyber security risk, and minimize intrusion dwell time. The managed detection and response market is expected to grow 30% by 2022 in the United States. According to a 2018 report in Gartner Research, “By 2020, 15% of organizations will be using MDR services, up from less than 5% today.”

Many organizations today are relying upon preventive controls such as firewalls, anti-virus, URL filtering, e-mail security, and user judgement—which all routinely fail when attacked by persistent, well-resourced threat actors. Critical Insight’s MDR service combines purpose-built technology with security analysts stationed in the Critical Insight Operation Center (SOC) to provide full cycle threat monitoring, alerting, investigation, response, and recovery.

“The state of cyber security today is that it’s fundamentally a people problem. Experienced security staff is needed to select, tune, and maintain detection technology, as well as to investigate the barrage of alerts that are generated,” said CISO and Founder Mike Hamilton. While Critical Insight’s technology is at the core of the service, it’s service management and customer communication that sets their MDR solution apart. “We are not just SOC-as-a-Service. Our analysts are drawn from the military or university educated and trained on the Critical Insight monitoring stack. Our solution provides regulatory compliance, risk reduction, and cost avoidance while leveraging customers’ existing technology investments and providing a customer experience that reflects extremely well on our Channel Partners.”

“We are always looking for the right partners who share our mission to protect the security and system health of our customers,” said Colin Brissey, VP of Sales and Partners. Brissey continued, “This is a win for the customer, a win for the partner, and most importantly, a win for the public who we are all working to serve.”

The partner program provides a turn-key MDR solution for customers working with Critical Insight’s exclusive partners. In turn, Critical Insight’s partners receive strong margins on subscription-based recurring revenue, deal protection, and a technically differentiated product that will complement existing offerings.

About Critical Insight

Critical Insight provides Managed Detection Response services, combining purpose-built technology with expert security analysts to perform full-cycle threat detection, investigation, response, and recovery. Supporting healthcare, public sector, and financial services, Critical Insight’s technology platform, Security Operations Center, and Information Security consulting services help customers gain critical insight into their security posture.