Critical Insight Launches Active Quarantine for Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

SEATTLE, June 18, 2019 — Critical Insight, a leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and cybersecurity solutions, announced the beta launch of a suite of active containment solutions today called Critical Insight Rapid Quarantine. The solutions provide new options for rapid incident response, allowing Critical Insight Analysts to initiate quarantine of infected systems and devices after detection. CIRQ, coupled with Critical Insight MDR, frees up IT staff for other high-priority projects by reducing the time spent on cyber threat detection, response, and quarantine 24x7x365.

Critical Insight Rapid Quarantine (CIRQ) is an optional MDR feature. It provides customers a range of options for incident response. They can opt to maintain total control of their network in case an incident occurs or can take advantage of Critical Insight’s 24x7 monitoring and analyst coverage by using CIRQ to contain the incident. CIRQ is designed for organizations that are not staffed to isolate systems with a detected threat around the clock. The longer an intruder remains active inside a network, the worse the impact. With Critical Insight MDR & CIRQ, Critical Insight can detect, respond, and quarantine at all times.

Organizations with CIRQ work closely with Critical Insight to develop custom parameters for characterizing and containing threats. Critical Insight expert analysts then work within those parameters when a threat event occurs with the goal of initially containing the threat. Organizations then have the option of using their own teams to complete response actions, with the support of a customized Incident Action Plan provided by Critical Insight, or they can engage Critical Insight’s veteran consultants for full incident response and forensics.

“We are excited to be able to offer a more complete solution. Customers can now get detection, response, quarantine, and incident response from a partner they trust. When our Critical Insight team is involved, organizations have enhanced options for immediately responding to threats around the clock,” noted Critical Insight’s CEO Garrett Silver. “While system automation can resolve some attacks quickly, complex incidents are difficult to detect, and full automation of response actions is impossible. A solution combining great technology and expert humans is required. While this can be an operational burden for organizations, MDR and CIRQ help lift that burden.”

Undetected threats are in networks an average of 197 days and take an average of 61 days to contain[1]. Time is of the essence. Failing to quickly identify and contain cyber incidents can increase the overall cost of a breach by millions of dollars. More than three-quarters of organizations report they do not have a formal process in place for responding to cybersecurity threats[2]. Organizations can significantly manage cybersecurity risks and reduce overall costs by adding CIRQ to Critical Insight’s Critical Insight Managed Detection and Response.

“Protective controls are failing, and cyber criminals, nation states, and insider threats are known risks that cannot be managed by technology alone,” said Critical Insight founder and CISO Michael Hamilton. “We developed CIRQ to quickly contain threat activity anytime—whether on nights, weekends, or holidays, CIRQ customers know our security analysts will rapidly contain threat actors that have surpassed protective controls and successfully hacked into the network.”

CIRQ is the latest innovation added to a robust suite of cybersecurity solutions from Seattle-based Critical Insight. Their flagship managed detection and response solution, Critical Insight MDR, gives customers a better way to reduce cybersecurity risk when protective controls fail. With 24x7x365 security operations laser-focused on reducing false positives and identifying true cybersecurity threats, Critical Insight’s experts leverage purpose-built technology to defend critical systems that sustain and support lives.

Today, Critical Insight is actively seeking customers to pilot CIRQ as part of a beta launch.

About Critical Insight

Critical Insight provides Managed Detection Response services, combining purpose-built technology with expert security analysts to perform full-cycle threat detection, investigation, response, and recovery. Critical Insight is focused on defending critical systems in healthcare organizations and in the public sector. Critical Insight helps customers gain critical insight into their security posture through the MDR platform and Information Security consulting services. 


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