CI Security is Becoming Critical Insight

June 3, 2021 

We’re changing our name, not how we do business.  

We’ve been “Critical Insight” for years now, with CI standing for the name of our platform: “Critical Insight.” The word “critical” has always been important to us and our customers: what you do is critical and what we do for you gives you the insight you need on your security journey.  You may have noticed that the legal name of our company changed to “Critical Insight, Inc.” earlier this year. Now, you’ll notice our use of the name, “Critical Insight,” will be expanded as we switch to a new URL, “”.

When we created our company more than a decade ago, we aimed to build something better than the cyber security companies that already existed. We wanted a company that made the world a better place by defending organizations with critical missions.  

Since we know all security professionals approach the world with a healthy dose of skepticism, let me say clearly: this doesn’t impact the service you get from us! This name change celebrates the name of our service as we continue to focus on what we provide: Critical Insight. 

We want to be clear that the heart of the company isn’t changing. We’re not getting purchased. We’re not changing the structure of the company. We’re certainly not changing the mission.  

Some things to know: 

  • Our URL will become and our email addresses have changed. (The email addresses will continue to work, however.) 
  • Our logo won't change - but you’ll notice a new website and an updated look in a few months. 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to your main company contact.