Critical Insight Announces Azure Integration for Managed Detection and Response Service

Critical Insight integrates Azure native event and alert monitoring into its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to provide a complete solution for pure cloud and hybrid environments. With Critical Insights’ Security Operation Center (SOC), they provide full cycle threat monitoring, alerting, investigation, response, and recovery.

October 24, 2018 (SEATTLE, WA) — Critical Insight, a leader in cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, has released the latest in cloud monitoring for Azure Defender for Cloud customers. Going beyond application logs, Critical Insight monitors native Azure event feeds and alerts as well as O365 event logs. Critical Insight’s MDR service combines purpose-built technology, now including the Azure integration, with security analysts in CI’s Security Operation Center (SOC) to provide full cycle threat monitoring, alerting, investigation, response, and recovery.

When combined with Critical Insight’s MDR service for on-premise data centers, IoT, and corporate systems, CI can now provide a complete and unified view of hybrid environments. The Azure monitoring is fully complimentary with CI’s newly released O365 MDR integration.

“MDR for Azure supports our MDR customers who have rapidly adopted cloud-based technologies. IT teams need a comprehensive view of their environments to maintain an appropriate level of security,” said Mike Simon, Chief Technology Officer for Critical Insight. “Our security features allow our customers to have peace of mind, knowing that our technology is monitoring everything. With a full vantage into the customer’s network perimeter, including Azure, our analysts are able to investigate and quickly respond to threat activity.”

By offering a turn-key MDR solution that integrates the monitoring for cloud and on-premise assets, Critical Insight provides a critical security connection between separate but essential IT environments. As interactions between these two environments often involve PII, PHI, or sensitive or regulated data, the ability to tie events across these disparate environments has become essential to identifying targeted attacks and responding in minutes instead of months.

“We are on a mission to protect the critical services provided by our healthcare, public sector, and financial service customers. While security is primarily a people problem,” noted Critical Insight CEO Garrett Silver, “we use technology to empower our security analysts, fusing machine and human intelligence. The Azure integration deeply extends our visibility into customer cloud environments. Our analysts can succinctly correlate events from Azure, O365, Salesforce, and on-premise systems. In turn, we provide customers critical insight into the security posture of their cloud and hybrid environments and support key security compliance functions which may have been missing or forgotten in Azure.”

The Azure MDR integration service includes a pre-provisioning interview to ensure Azure native data collection and logging is occurring at the appropriate levels and on the appropriate systems to meet security and compliance requirements. Furthermore, Critical Insight offers assistance in configuring Azure resources to provide log and alert data for ingestion by Critical Insight’s MDR service. Once data sources in Azure are configured and data is flowing, Azure sources including event and alert data are added to the MDR service with no additional customer effort.

Customers have visibility into the service and analyst activity through a robust web portal that summarizes the data ingest and alerting activities as well as the investigation activities performed by Critical Insight analyst staff.

By shining a light into the cloud service activities in Azure and providing difficult-to-hire, hard-to-retain security analysts, Critical Insight extends customer IT and security teams in a unique and cost-effective way.

About Critical Insight

Critical Insight provides Managed Detection Response services, combining purpose-built technology with expert security analysts to perform full-cycle threat detection, investigation, response, and recovery. Supporting healthcare, public sector, and financial services, Critical Insight’s technology platform, Security Operations Center, and Information Security consulting services help customers gain critical insight into their security posture.