How to Stop Cyber Attacks on Healthcare Devices/IoT

1 min read

Cybercriminals are actively targeting the healthcare sector to steal sensitive patient data and deploy destructive ransomware. IT in healthcare is unique and requires specialized knowledge to adequately protect patients and organizations. The issues in healthcare cyber defense go well beyond those faced by organizations in other sectors.

Healthcare organizations have backend servers, cloud services, networks, and endpoint devices found across other industries. But clinical settings also have large medical equipment and smaller medical devices that are on the network for monitoring and IT support purposes.

Defending medical environments from attacks requires deep knowledge of the threats and experience of medical networks. Critical Insight partners with Armis to deliver cybersecurity protection to healthcare and medical IoT devices via the industry-leading Armis Agentless Device Security Platform. Critical Insight integrates the Armis platform into our Managed Detection and Response solutions.

Using these tools and the proper management procedures can ensure that your healthcare organization maximizes protection from cyber-attacks, and as a result, guarantee the services provided to patients.

Critical Insight and Armis delivered a one-hour presentation on how best to protect medical IT devices deployed in healthcare. You can watch the presentation below, and you can contact us with any questions you may have and to start a conversation about safeguarding your healthcare systems from criminals.