Cybersecurity Strategy Programs

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A well-planned and comprehensive cybersecurity defense strategy is a core requirement for all organizations. Designing a strategy is a specialized task that requires broad and deep knowledge about the cybersecurity threat landscape. And an appreciation that the threats are constantly changing as the cybercriminals alter their tactics.

Every organization is unique and will require a cybersecurity strategy tailored to their particular needs, but most organizations do not have the in-house expertise in all the topics necessary to design a strategy.

Critical Insight is your partner in cyber-defense. We have the experts, the broad and deep threat landscape knowledge, and the experience to design, implement and deliver a cybersecurity strategy for any organization.

At Critical Insight, we use our experience from multiple projects protecting critical infrastructure in healthcare, energy services, water services, the public sector, and others to deliver best practices to every organization. Critical Insight is a Preferred Cybersecurity Service provider to the American Hospital Association, so you can trust your cyber defense strategy is in good hands. We Defend. You Thrive.

Partnering to Build a Cybersecurity Strategy

As every organization and its networks and IT systems are unique, it follows that every cybersecurity defense strategy will also be unique. However, each will require several fundamental areas of discussion, planning, and agreement. Critical Insight's cybersecurity team will cover the topics outlined below with your management team when partnering with you to design the best strategy.

Regulatory Compliance

Organizations operating in the critical infrastructure sector are subject to regulations to which they must comply. Examples include HIPAA, DFARS, FFIEC, and PCI-DSS. When designing an overall cybersecurity strategy, our experts will help you identify which regulations apply and ensure that the strategy delivers compliance. The Critical Insight Regulatory Compliance page has more details on this topic.

Gap Analysis & Risk Assessments

No organization we work with starts with no cybersecurity provision in place. Most have deployed several solutions over the years as tactical responses to specific threats.

A fundamental part of building a cybersecurity strategy for each organization is a gap analysis to discover vulnerabilities in the current provision. This leads to a risk assessment report and recommendations on how to plug any gaps.

This gap analysis and risk assessment procedure is applicable to all organizations, not just those operating in a regulated sector. Cybercriminals target all sectors of the economy, and all organizations need to have a cybersecurity strategy.

See the Gap Analysis & Risk Assessments page for more details on this step in a cybersecurity strategy development process.

Virtual CISO

Having a skilled Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is vital for a cybersecurity strategy design process and as the strategy is adopted and implemented.

As mentioned above, most organizations lack the in-house skills needed to deliver an effective cyber defense strategy. Critical Insight provides a virtual CISO service that can fill this vital role in your organization with one of our business-focused cybersecurity experts. The virtual CISO gets to know your organization at a deep level and will work with your C-Suite team and other managers to ensure that cybersecurity is core to everything you do.

Cyber Insurance Strategy

Insurance against damage caused by cyberattacks is becoming more expensive or even impossible to obtain due to the rise in ransomware attacks.

The Critical Insight cybersecurity strategy program ensures that all of the protections and steps that cyber-insurers now want to see are in place so that cyber-insurance is available, and the cost is as low as possible.

Incident Response Planning & Management

Having incident response plans in place so that everyone in an organization knows what to do when a cybersecurity incident occurs is vital. The Critical Insight cybersecurity strategy program delivers a set of plans and actions that can be used as a basis to raise staff awareness on cybersecurity threats and what they should do if an incident occurs.

Critical Insight also provides immediate assistance for active cybersecurity incidents. That is part of our ongoing Total Security solution after a cybersecurity strategy is in place.

Cybersecurity Strategy Documentation

Any cybersecurity defense strategy that is in place needs to be verifiable to interested parties — the Board of Directors, the C-Suite Executive Team, Investors, Trustees, Auditors, Regulatory Inspectors, Cyber-insurance Inspectors, and others.

The Critical Insight cybersecurity strategy program will output documentation that an organization can use to demonstrate the protections they have and how they operate on a day-to-day basis, plus the procedures staff follow in response to any cybersecurity incidents.