Benefits of a One-Stop-Shop for Cybersecurity

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The cybersecurity techniques and tools needed to defend modern networks and applications from threats are complex and require highly skilled experts. Additionally, every organization's deployment of technology solutions is unique, even when built from what are considered industry-standard solutions.

To assess cybersecurity defenses, analyze vulnerabilities, make recommendations for improvements, and then monitor a network 24/7 for threats means that there has to be a deep knowledge of each particular network. For organizations that don't operate their own internal dedicated cybersecurity team, and in reality most organizations don't, the best way to get cybersecurity experts who know the systems in detail is to partner with a managed security service provider (MSSP) on an ongoing basis.

Working with a single expert service provider to deliver all aspects required for robust cybersecurity has many benefits. They build up the deep knowledge of the systems over time, and they build human relationships with the IT and Executive teams in an organization. Using the same MSSP to assess the network, review systems compliance, make recommendations to improve security, perform penetration tests, and provide ongoing 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response delivers a joined-up approach to cybersecurity.

Using multiple providers to deliver separate parts of the cybersecurity defenses often results in a disjointed provision and issues getting missed in the interactions between providers.

Critical Insight's Approach to Cybersecurity

Critical Insight's experience working with multiple clients across many sectors has taught us that having a single expert cybersecurity team responsible for all aspects of the defense strategy is the best approach. Our experts have years of experience in quickly analyzing an organization's network, determining the main risks, and plugging any gaps found. Then over time, our Security Operations Center (SOC) based Detect & Response teams monitor the network for vulnerabilities and anomalies. The monitoring teams eliminate any risks as they appear and adjust the cybersecurity posture as the threat landscape changes.

This ongoing and evolving protection is possible only when a joined-up team of professionals intimately knows the network and systems. Critical Insight has the experts to provide this comprehensive service to organizations. We do this using the processes below.

Accessing the Baseline

It is important to fully understand the network and systems that are deployed within an organization. This includes on-premise items (including IoT, healthcare equipment, and industrial control systems), applications and services in the cloud, and the endpoint devices that staff use.

Critical Insight map out this baseline IT infrastructure and then works with the organization to build a pathway for making it secure, compliant, and resilient.

Reviewing Compliance

Regulatory compliance is crucial in lots of sectors and mandatory in some. Critical Insight understands the compliance requirements needed across the public and private sectors. We will work with your executive team to ensure the delivery of all compliance requirements to ensure your organization reduces risk and liability.

Detect & Respond

Once a baseline is determined and any gaps discovered are filled, ongoing detection and response is the core to delivering cybersecurity. Critical Insight Managed Detection and Response (MDR) reduces threat dwell time from months to minutes, stopping bad actors quickly to minimize harm to your organization. Our MDR platform is purpose-built for highly regulated networks. It combines a dedicated team of Security Analysts with next-generation technologies to provide real-time threat detection, investigation, and response.

Continuous Scanning

One-off scanning for vulnerabilities does not provide the continuous protection needed to defend against the modern threat landscape. Critical Insight works with each organization to deliver Continuous Vulnerability Identification (CVI) scanning on a schedule that makes sense for each. CVI eliminates vulnerable waiting periods by scanning the network at an optimal frequency — weekly, monthly, directly after patching, or even daily — whatever makes the most sense for each organization.

CVI compiles the results of each scan into a report that prioritizes vulnerabilities by risk and provides actionable steps to eliminate every detected issue.

Testing your Perimeter

Penetration testing is a core component of a cybersecurity strategy. Including this testing in the services provided by a single security supplier allows for Blue, Red, and Purple team integration to deliver testing that is much more effective than using separate suppliers.

Critical Insight's penetration testing teams customize how we interact with your team. We can work with your incident responders and the blue team in your SOC, or stealthily assess your SOC's detection, monitoring, and analysis capabilities. A fully customized offering tailored for each organization is also an option if it provides a benefit, as one-size solutions do not fit all organizations.