City of Wenatchee

71% of breaches are financially motivated and 25% are motivated by espionage.

The City of Wenatchee, Washington, is best known for its apples, but it also grows another crop – electricity. Located near a series of hydroelectric dams, the area provides cheap, abundant power for the cloud services and cryptocurrency datacenters that the world relies on.

And, with a new regional focus on technology, Dale Cantrell, Director of Information Systems for the City of Wenatchee, realized a problem in 2014. A nearby hospital and city had both lost money in phishing attacks, spurring Cantrell and the City’s Finance Director on a mission to acquire budgeting for better security. They couldn’t afford to increase the size of the IT team, but told the Mayor and Council, “We argued we didn’t want to be in the news for a breach. We needed an affordable solution to identify security issues before it was too late.” The elected leaders agreed.

To see how Cantrell chose a solution, and how he's fixed vulnerabilities, download the case study.

We have AI but the fact that we have real eyes around the clock is just invaluable to me.
IT provider
Dale Cantrell

Director of Information Systems