8 Security Actions for Tyler Technologies Customers


A large technology service provider to local government in the United States has been hit by ransomware1 and every customer likely needs to take action.

Tyler Technologies provides a variety of on-premise, cloud, and hosted applications that facilitate government operations from law enforcement to finance.

Security experts in the Public Sector predict the fall-out will continue for months to come. While the full story and impacts are still unfolding, there are remediations that customers who use Tyler Technologies' products should take right now to protect and defend their networks, critical systems, and data.

Critical Insight convened a panel of experts in local government on September 30, 2020, to go over what we know about the breach today and what security teams can do now. Read on for the summary of that discussion and the top eight security actions that were called out as mission-critical for Tyler Technologies' public sector customers.

8 Security actions for Tyler Tech