MDR Services

Cybersecurity defense is a specialized task that requires skilled, and experienced professionals backed up by robust network monitoring tools to deliver managed detection and response (MDR) for cyber threats. The defensive monitoring provided by MDR should be undertaken from staffed Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and must be in place 24x7 to be effective. Building and maintaining a team of professionals and a SOC to protect systems at all times is beyond most organizations.

Providers should build a comprehensive cybersecurity MDR defense strategy based on these three principles:

  • • Incident Preparedness
  • • 24x7 Threat Detection and Investigation
  • • Active Incident Response

Critical Insight provides industry-leading MDR services from state-of-the-art SOCs that are staffed and monitored 24x7 by highly experienced and knowledgeable cybersecurity teams. The diagram below illustrates Critical Insight's cybersecurity MDR services via our Cybersecurity as a Service wheel.

MDR Diagram


All of the segments in the top half of the diagram that build on the three core principles of MDR are important when delivering solid defense against cyberattacks. Critical Insight's MDR service offering includes all of these segments, but clients can customize the service offering depending on their cybersecurity needs.

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