Lynn Shourds

Lynn Shourds

EVP of Sales, Channels, & Customer Success

Lynn Shourds has been in technology for over 20+ years. He started out in VAR sales where he worked for IKON Technology selling Compaq desktops, servers, and storage, and converting Lotus Notes users to Microsoft. While working, he completed his Microsoft MCSC. Putting on his engineering hat, he went to work for Datawatch, a Big Data company based out of Boston, Mass., where he was responsible for Sales Engineering and Implementations, utilizing his learned MS SQL and Oracle database skills. From relationships he gained at Datawatch, Lynn was recruited to be a Sales Engineer for Double-Take Software, also based out of Boston. Lynn was the only Sales Engineer covering two sales reps in the Western U.S.

When Double-Take Software wanted to shift gears and start selling exclusively through the channel, Lynn was tagged to lead that charge in the West and continued to run that channel for the better part of 10 years, being part of a company that grew from $3M to nearly $100M and into a successful IPO.

After IPO, Lynn founded his own startup, HEROware, where he led a team of 22 people creating and selling purpose-built appliances for high-availability and off-site cloud disaster recovery. Selling exclusively through the MSP Channel, Lynn was able to gain funding led by executives at Qualcomm. He had a successful exit from HEROware and moved on to sale leadership.

Joining his former CRO at Double-Take, Lynn went to work leading the sales team in the West for Worksoft, an SAP Testing Software solution, where his team focused on the Fortune 500 with accounts such as Disney, Warner, Microsoft, Costco, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Starbucks and others.

In 2015, Lynn followed that same CRO to be VP of Sales for Skout Cybersecurity and moved from California to New York City. Lynn’s team thrived in the New York and Northeast territories and, once again, it was time to take Skout to the Channel, and Lynn was tagged to lead that charge in the West. Traveling to and from the East and West Coast, Lynn grew the West sales and sales engineering team and led the company in sales. Skout went on to be very successful resulting in an acquisition by Barracuda.

Selling through the MSP Channel in the West, Lynn’s relationship with the CEO and COO of Cal Net Technologies landed him a recruiting opportunity to be VP of Sales for the new company acquiring Cal Net, NexusTek. There, Lynn led a team of 22 Sales Directors and Account Managers, and delegated duties down through 3 Regional Sales Directors. NexusTek has nearly 4,000 clients in North America and actively manages and monitors 1,500+.

Lynn finds his way to Critical Insight after working as a vCRO for Inceptus Cybersecurity out of Florida helping align product, process, marketing, and channel efforts.

Lynn is an avid musician, singer, and theater performer, as well as a low single-digit index golfer. Lynn has been married to his wife, Teresa, for 32 years and has a son, a daughter-in-law, and a beautiful granddaughter he can’t get enough of!