What is a Phishing Email?

A phishing email is a type of email communication sent by hackers and cyber criminals attempting to steal the recipient's personal information or infect their computer or mobile device with a virus. Hackers go to great lengths to make the email itself look legitimate and like it’s coming from someone the recipient trusts (i.e., their bank, credit card company, or even their job.)

A phishing email will contain a link that takes the user to a “dummy” website that, like the email itself, looks legitimate. For example, the user gets an email from what they think is their bank saying they need to change their password. When the user clicks on the link, it takes them to a site that looks exactly like their bank’s website. The user is prompted to change their password by entering the old username and password and choosing a new one. Then the hackers have the login credentials and can wipe out their bank account.

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Based in Bremerton and Seattle, Washington, Critical Insight is a venture-backed company founded by former CISOs in the public sector. We are committed to training new analysts and providing the most up-to-date cybersecurity protection.

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