Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

You can’t defend what you don’t know is a saying often used within cybersecurity circles. Making sure you know what is on your network and the protection in place is essential to deliver robust cybersecurity.

Risk assessments are core for providing this information and are the foundation for all cybersecurity. They set the tone for a complete security defense strategy and its evolution over time. For Critical Insight, a risk assessment is the start of Total Security. The goal is to find gaps then develop solutions with our clients to eliminate any vulnerabilities.

The risk assessments we undertake to deliver these three headline benefits:

Reduce risk fast — Identify and prioritize gaps to determine the difference between what your security looks like today and what it should be.

Custom to your organization — Every network is different. Whether Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, our assessments are tailored to match your environment and sector.

Satisfy requirements — Depending on your industry and unique business requirements, an assessment will help enable you to meet your compliance and business goals.

Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis

Every organization is different, and so is every risk profile. Critical Insight uses the latest best practice, cybersecurity standards, and industry-leading tools to deliver protection from cybercriminals and meet your requirements for security and regulation. When combined with our Total Security Solutions, our risk assessment & gap analysis procedures determine the current security posture.

This information defines any cybersecurity improvement plan and informs the Security Operations Centre (SOC) defending the network of current risks. Organizations get security improvements immediately and as they evolve their cybersecurity strategy.

Regulatory Risk Assessments

Many organizations operate in environments with government legislation in force that defines regulations that they must follow. Many businesses operate in sectors with industry regulations that they must follow to compete (PCI DSS payment regulations fall into this category).

Critical Insight security risk assessments help satisfy regulatory requirements for standards such as HIPAA/HI-TRUST, FFIEC, and PCI-DSS. The assessments use guides and tools such as ACET and NIST-CFS to ensure all topics are covered. As part of a Critical Insight assessment you get a gap analysis, a ranked list of action items, and a roadmap demonstrating a timeline for fixing issues.

Focused Security Assessment

Many organizations don’t operate in sectors that have regulatory oversight. However, they still want to ensure that their cybersecurity is optimal — Critical Insight partners with all organizations looking to improve their security. With our expert advice, we can decide together the best way for your organization to measure cybersecurity preparedness. This process includes a comprehensive risk assessment, gap analysis, the development of a roadmap to improve the cybersecurity posture, and a framework to measure security over time.

Feed into Critical Insight Total Security Suite

Risk assessments are tools to discover where threats and vulnerabilities exist so that organizations can build a roadmap for improving cybersecurity over time. An assessment without follow-up activity does little beyond increase anxiety about potential attacks.

The assessment information from Critical Insight can be the baseline for improvement activities. If you choose our additional services, it becomes integrated into your evolution with services and solutions from Critical Insight such as Managed Detection and Response, Incident Response Preparedness, and Scanning & Technical Testing.

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