Cybersecurity MDR Services

Cybersecurity defense is a specialized task that requires skilled professionals backed by excellent network tools to deliver managed detection and response (MDR) for any cyber threats. Providing MDR activity via a well-staffed Security Operations Center (SOC) is essential, and must occur 24x7 to be effective. Building and maintaining a team of professionals and a SOC to protect around the clock is beyond most organizations. Another approach is to use an external specialized cybersecurity managed service provider who has pre-built 24x7 SOC and MDR capability backed by experienced cybersecurity professionals.

An MDR service removes the burden of cybersecurity provision from already busy IT teams (or provides it for organizations without an IT team) by delivering industry-leading detection of cyberattack activity on their network and cloud services. MDR uses advanced threat detection to analyze network events to identify suspicious activity that warrants further investigation. Pure software based MDR isn't enough to deliver the protections needed against modern cyber attackers. Skilled human cybersecurity professionals are essential for analyzing attack vectors highlighted by software monitoring tools.