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Put the Kraken to work for you, defending your organization from attackers and rough seas.

MDR & Professional Services for
Small and Midsize Organizations

We provide the level of accountability smaller organizations expect but don’t get from our competitors. Our scalable, cost-efficient tactics and expertise provide comprehensive cybersecurity for your critical infrastructure.



Pirates will try to breach you

Prepare so you're ship shape. Detect if danger comes aboard. Respond by throwing ransomware terrorists overboard.


Consider us part of your crew

Our SOC is an extension of your team, always monitoring and responding because threat actors don’t work 9 to 5 - and neither do we.

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More than MDR

Improving your entire security posture, addressing the entire NIST-CSF. In-house risk assessments, IR planning, vCISOs, and Forensics.


Cloud, On-Prem, and Hybrid

Wherever your IT infrastructure hardware and software applications are hosted we can detect and respond.


Existing Tech Investments

We make it a priority to understand your unique infrastructure, integrate smoothly with your solutions, and contain threats using your tools.

Find a deeper connection

One-size doesn’t fit small. We focus on customers with the biggest needs, not the biggest budgets. Some companies claim they’ll deliver concierge-level service and others offer wild guarantees.

And maybe you've gotten stung when you find out those are just promises for Fortune 100 customers.

Why Critical Insight

Defend America with Us

Critical Insight Founder Michael Hamilton also founded our partner, PISCES. Together, we are committed to defending America's Critical Infrastructure and building America's cyber bench by teaching students to be the good guys, giving small cities free cybersecurity, and providing Universities real curriculum.

There's something fishy about companies just in it for the money.
nist 800-30

Compliance Software Included

Want to actually see your risk level drop? With Critical Insight, you'll get the CyberSaint cyber compliance and risk platform for free. We'll also offer a baseline risk assessment as part of your subscription at no additional charge.*

*Yeah, we really do care about MDR customers' entire security program, not just what the SOC does.

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