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Technical Security & Penetration Testing

Find your network’s weaknesses before someone else does.

Your data is valuable—credit cards, patient information, trade secures, access to a high-value client—and, unfortunately, that makes you a target for hackers.

An effective security strategy is critical, but establishing one is no walk in the park. Threats are dynamic, and your information security framework from 6 months ago might be outdated already.

Comprised of world-class offensive security experts, our Red Team can step into the shoes of threat actors and employ the latest methods to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network. We make your organization more secure by identifying gaps before a hacker can.

Full-scope, individual engagement, or anything between

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability Assessment

  • Penetration Testing

    Internal & External Penetration Tests

  • Phishing

    Phishing Engagement

  • Social Engineering

    Social Engineering Engagement

  • Facility Penetration Test

    Facility Penetration Test


Penetration Testing is evolving.

“Purple Teams,” are an opportunity for the Red Team (Penetration Testers) and the Blue Team (Defenders/Network Admins) to sit down and learn from each other.

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    Red, Blue, and Purple Team Your Way

    We also customize how we interact with your team—we can work with your incident responders and the blue team in your SOC; stealthily assess the SOC’s detection, monitoring, and analysis capabilities; or anything in between.

  • In-depth reporting

    In-Depth Reports with Action Items

    Whatever solution you choose, our penetration test results help your teams shore up weaknesses and reinforce your applications and network security with prioritized, actionable reports, insights, and recommendations. Together we build a sound foundation for your evolving security strategy.

Our skilled consulting team will give you Critical Insight into your security risks.

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