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Regulations requiring organizations to store log data pose an issue to those without the infrastructure to store them securely and easily accessible.

Critical Insight™ Log Management can meet the needs of organizations subject to log retention regulations. Your logs are hashed, encrypted, and stored in a secure environment for the amount of time that is required by your regulations. Critical Insight currently manages log collection for AWS and on-premise networks.

By fusing machine with human intelligence, Critical Insight provides both the technology and security analyst talent to encompass a complete Managed Detection and Response solution. Herbert Fritch, Founder

Add a full-service security and compliance suite to your existing infrastructure.

  • Detect & Respond

    Managed Detection & Response

    Critical Insight Security Analysts monitor anything that your security systems produce, whether on-premises, in a remote office, or in the cloud.

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  • Continuous scanning

    Continuous Vulnerability Identification

    Set up custom scans on your network at the frequency that you choose, eliminating the risk of waiting for next year’s scan.

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  • Log Management

    Log Management

    Managing on-premise logs as well as AWS logs; encrypted, hashed, and securely stored for you.

Secure log management helps you meet regulatory requirements so you can keep your focus on what’s important.

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