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Critical Insight™ Forensics

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Criminal and HR investigations using computer forensics are common today.

Ensuring legal admissibility requires drive imaging, hash values, and chain of custody documentation.

Activities warranting investigation can range across the spectrum of criminal activity – from hacks, fraud, spoofed emails, and child pornography, to theft of personal data or destruction of intellectual property.

Our Critical Insight™ Digital Forensics team will conduct internal investigations with objectivity, empathy, respect, and discretion and provide your organization with a summary and present the information to cross-functional teams, where needed.

By fusing machine with human intelligence, Critical Insight provides both the technology and security analyst talent to encompass a complete Managed Detection and Response solution. Herbert Fritch, Founder

Digital Forensics Services Include

  • Rapid response

    On-site response within 24 hours

  • Preservation of evidence

    Preservation of evidence process

  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property theft investigation

  • Espionage

    Industrial espionage investigation

  • Fraud investigation

    Fraud & Bankruptcy investigations

  • Device Forensics

    Forensics on laptops, servers, and mobile devices

  • PHI Breach

    PII/PHI compromise investigation

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