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Traditional vulnerability scans provide a snapshot of your network but leave you in the dark until the next scan, which may be a year or a quarter away.

Critical Insight™ Continuous Vulnerability Identification (CVI) eliminates the waiting period by scanning your network at the frequency you choose. Set it to run weekly, monthly, directly after patching, or even daily—whatever makes most sense for your organization.

CVI compiles the results of each scan into a report that prioritizes vulnerabilities by risk and provides actionable steps to eliminate every detected issue.

CVI fulfills vulnerability scan regulations in HIPAA and GLBA for Healthcare and Financial Services organizations, respectively.

By fusing machine with human intelligence, Critical Insight provides both the technology and security analyst talent to encompass a complete Managed Detection and Response solution. Herbert Fritch, Founder

The new standard in vulnerability scanning

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    Cost effective

    More cost effective than vulnerability detection performed by consultants.

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    Precise scanning

    Select the devices you want to be scanned with customizable parameters so sensitive ones can stay safe.

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    Soft touch

    Probe scan-sensitive systems “soft touch” scans.

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    24×7 access to reports

    Ongoing reporting highlights changes in vulnerabilities.

Case Study

Company Gets CVI and MDR over Higher Priced Vulnerability Scan.

Instead of buying an expensive vulnerability scanning tool, one company purchased CVI and Critical Insight MDR for a fraction of the cost.

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Add a full-service security and compliance suite to your existing infrastructure.

  • Detect & Respond

    Managed Detection & Response

    Critical Insight Security Analysts monitor anything that your security systems produce, whether on-premises, in a remote office, or in the cloud.

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  • Continuous scanning

    Continuous Vulnerability Identification

    Set up custom scans on your network at the frequency that you choose, eliminating the risk of waiting for next year’s scan.

  • Log Management

    Log Management

    Managing on-premise logs as well as AWS logs; encrypted, hashed, and securely stored for you.

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Find out how MDR + CVI can improve your organization’s security posture by keeping vulnerability scans up to date.

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