Cybersecurity Solutions

Our solutions are a people-focused blend of managed detection and response, guidance, and professional services tailored to the needs of your organization.

Managed Detection and Response

The only right solution for you is one customized to your organization. At Critical Insight, we work with you to develop custom solutions, from MDR that finds and responds to threats, to security awareness training programs, to incident response, and urgent assistance after major events.

Incident Preparedness

Incident Preparedness

“It’s not if, it’s when” is unfortunately accurate. Get ready, so when it happens, you’re prepared & practiced.

24x7 Managed Detection and Response

24x7 Managed Detection and Response

Stop breaches by catching intruders rapidly with eyes-on-glass around the clock.

Active Cyber Incident Response

Active Cyber Incident Response

Target ransomware and recover faster with the right experts, ready to react 24x7.

Strategic Program Development

These services become the building blocks of your security program and form foundation of the Total Security Solutions.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Advance your vulnerability management program.

Technical & Penetration Testing

Technical & Penetration Testing

Simulate a cyberattack to find and fix weaknesses.

Gap Analysis & Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Gap Analysis & Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Figure out where you are most and least secure.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting the standards avoids fines, saves money, and offers peace of mind.

Customizable Cybersecurity Packages


  • MDR, Focused Security Assessments, and Vulnerability Testing

  • Ideal for the team with an in-house security analyst

Most popular


  • Around-the-clock Managed Detection and Response

  • Continuous Vulnerability Identification and Analysis

  • Our full suite of Assessments, Penetration Testing, plus Log Retention and Compliance Review

  • Virtual CISO and Incident Response Preparedness

  • A good night’s sleep


  • Core coverage plus CVI Pro, additional testing and assessments, and log retention and compliance

  • For the busy IT team who needs peace of mind

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