Work From Home Security Policy Assessment Now Available from CI Security

Work From Home Security Policy Assessment Now Available from CI Security

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Seattle, WA — March 26, 2020 — CI Security®, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provider specializing in defending the networks of organizations and critical infrastructure, announced today the addition of a Work From Home Security Policy Assessment to the company’s managed services offering. 

For more information, you can request a free virtual consultation with one of our cybersecurity experts here: Work From Home Security Policy Assessment.


The Work From Home Security Policy Assessment provides a comprehensive view of the home office cybersecurity risks faced with an organization’s remote workforce, the capabilities of the organization to implement appropriate and effective security controls, including how to monitor an expanded, and in many cases unmanaged set of endpoints.


Improve IT Security for Telework and Home Office Environments

In response to state and local governments, hospitals, banks and other critical infrastructure entities moving to remote work, CI Security scales the Work From Home Security Policy Assessment to meet an organization's immediate need to ensure the recent move to a remote workforce is as secure as possible. CI Security can additionally construct a permanent zero-trust remote workforce security program.

The result of the assessment is a Work From Home Security Policy Assessment report that documents the remote work methods in use across the remote organization, the current organizational capabilities to secure the remote workforce, and a set of recommended controls deemed appropriate to meet customer risk management objectives and resource constraints.

“Organizations globally are responsible for a multitude of considerations when keeping their employees healthy and safe during this global pandemic, including a remote workforce that is secure," said Fred Langston CISSP CCSK, EVP Professional Services of CI Security. “The Remote Workforce Security Assessment aligns with CI Security’s mission to deliver solutions for organizations that enable them to provide a seamless transition from office to remote work locations like spare bedrooms while maintaining an appropriate level of security throughout the transition and beyond.”

Mike Hamilton, the company’s co-founder and CISO, said, “Quickly deployed solutions for remote access are already being used as an attack vector. Some organizations are using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) over the Internet, from employee home computers that are not managed or monitored. We need to right this ship right now, because no one wants a ransomware event on top of a pandemic lockdown. Zero-trust will be the new normal."


Assess Home Office Security and Create Policy

The Work From Home Security Policy Assessment includes the following services: 

  • Assess an organization’s policies, processes, training, and capabilities to secure the remote workforce
  • Assess controls in place or controls that can be imposed on the remote workforce to minimize risk while continuing productivity
  • Assess the capability of an organization’s remote workforce to comply with remote workforce security controls
  • Assess the ability of an organization to secure remote work environments for extended periods
  • Document all methods of remote work connectivity to office networks, computing requirements, cloud-based infrastructure, web applications, laptops, smartphones, and tablets 

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