[VIDEO] Public Sector Cybersecurity Training

[VIDEO] Public Sector Cybersecurity Training

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Michael K Hamilton


Were you aware that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

In case you didn't participate in Security Awareness Training (SAT) this past October, this video training for government staff provided by Mike Hamilton is worth watching.

As a citizen of Kitsap County, Mike has provided this training pro bono for 5 years now to support Kitsap County's regulatory requirements for SAT (PCI, HIPAA). For those who have watched Mike present, it's an enjoyable, fast-moving session that covers:

  • The critical Do’s and Don’ts for individuals working within the public sector
  • Current events contextualized into the big picture trends impacting the United States and the world

This training is valuable for any group or individual who wants to take a proactive stance in today's rapidly evolving threat landscape. Feel free to distribute this to support your organization's security training.

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