[VIDEO] Helping Veterans: Mike Hamilton Featured in Seattle TV Story

[VIDEO] Helping Veterans: Mike Hamilton Featured in Seattle TV Story

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Mike Hamilton was recently featured in a KING 5 TV news story in his role as Policy Advisor to the Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer.

In his job as Policy Advisor, Mike collaborates with organizations around the state, including the military, public utility and water/sewer districts, University of Washington and local governments.

The objective of this work is employment as cyber-analysts for our veterans, and availability of these resources for business and government in our state.

Read the full story from KING 5 News below.

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Drew Mikkelsen  |  KING 5 NEWS  |  March 12, 2015

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The state of Washington is recruiting and training military veterans to help fight a war on cyberterrorists.

Brian Gosch, who served as an Army Specialist in Iraq, is now working for IID, an internet security company in Tacoma.

In Iraq, his job meant seeking out the enemy, finding their location and spreading word about the threat. Now, he does the same thing for IID.

"Tracking bad guys and helping prevent them from being able to attack your network," said Gosch of his current job. He's now a member of the Washington National Guard.

Gosch landed the job after participating in a new internship offered to veterans by the state's Office of the Chief Information Officer.

"They're coming out with skill sets that are very appropriate. They know how to pull on the threads," said Mike Hamilton, Washington's Cybersecurity Policy Advisor.

Another group of veterans will go through a six-month internship later this year.

Hamilton said the hope is the veterans end up finding a job in the state looking for cybercriminals. He said the state's technology companies and ports make it a target.

"We are disproportionately attractive to these threat actors," said Hamilton.

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