CI Security to Protect & Defend SMB Suite Customers

CI Security to Protect & Defend SMB Suite Customers

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Seattle, WA — SMB Suite is now working with CI Security®, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provider specializing in protecting the networks of critical infrastructure, essential organizations, and mid-market companies, to protect and defend customers from cyber-attacks. 

Together, the two companies will help customers evolve every part of their security program, from day-to-day threat investigation to scheduled assessments and technical testing. CI Security offers a suite of services that allows organizations to get critical insight into what’s threatening their network environments. SMB Suite offers business software solutions to growing businesses throughout the United States.

Teaming up with CI Security allows SMB Suite to offer to their customers top-notch security operations and staffing solutions that typically only large companies have been able to afford. Critical Insight™ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) gives small and medium companies a 24x7x365 security operations center staffed by real people who are experts in network and cloud monitoring, advanced threat detection, and rapid incident response. While the average amount of time a criminal is inside a network is more than 200 days, SMB Suite’s customers will now be able to stop attacks in less than 2 hours with Critical Insight MDR. 

“Companies are under attack nowadays more than ever,” said Sean Myers, Chief Revenue Officer, SMB Suite. “With a partner like CI Security, our customers can tap into the Critical Insight™ Total Security Suite to meet their security requirements and shore up their security posture. Our collective missions align as we work to strengthen information technology and security for critical systems across the country.”

“At a time when the average attack surface for any organization has expanded exponentially, having a partner like SMB Suite helps us advance our mission to secure and defend the critical systems that keep our communities working,” said Garrett Silver, CEO of CI Security. “Critical Insight MDR is a proven solution that stops threat actors who want to steal data, extort money, and harm human life; and we are looking forward to providing Critical Insight to SMB Suite’s customers.”

Together, SMB Suite and CI Security will offer a menu of customizable offerings, including:

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About CI Security

CI Security provides Managed Detection Response services, combining purpose-built technology with expert security analysts to perform full-cycle threat detection, investigation, response, and recovery. CI Security is focused on defending critical systems in healthcare, the public sector, and other industries. CI Security helps customers gain critical insight into their security posture through the MDR platform and Information Security consulting services. Find out more at

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