American Hospital Association selects CI Security as Preferred Cybersecurity Provider

American Hospital Association selects CI Security as Preferred Cybersecurity Provider

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Throughout the pandemic, hospitals and healthcare workers have saved countless lives despite despicable interference from cyber criminals.

The American Hospital Association and CI Security are announcing a new kind of trusted provider relationship that will protect and defend hospitals, healthcare workers, and most importantly patients, from the appalling criminals who are attacking health systems during the crisis.

The AHA is choosing CI Security’s Critical Insight cybersecurity program as one of its first preferred solutions. The AHA and John Riggi, their Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk created the Preferred Cybersecurity Provider program to answer the needs of patient-focused organizations looking for advice on which of the 1000s of security vendors to choose. Riggi and his team created a RFP, vetted providers, called references, and chose CI in as one of its very first “preferred providers.”

CI was the only Managed Detection and Response provider chosen by the AHA in their exclusive initial offering. CI’s Critical Insight Healthcare Program also passed the AHA evaluation and will be offered to hospitals. It includes:

  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • Continuous Vulnerability Identification Pro (which includes expert support with
  • 24/7/365 Managed Detection and Response for physical networks, endpoint, O365, and cloud networks including AWS and Azure.

The American Hospital Association has also pre-negotiated discounted prices with CI for member organizations.

“When I retired from the FBI and came to the AHA, my goal was to help hospitals fight cybercriminals,” said John Riggi, head of cybersecurity for the American Hospital Association. “With the help of trusted providers in this new program, I believe hospitals can reduce the risk of a disruptive cyberattack and stay focused on job 1 - providing patient care and saving lives.”

“The mission of CI is to protect and defend live-saving, life-sustaining services. We’re proud that the AHA evaluated us and chose us,” said Garrett Silver, CEO of CI.

The Critical Insight Security Program has caught likely ransomware attacks at hospitals, stopped criminals who had successfully phished email accounts, discovered and mitigated malware exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, and saved hospitals from reportable incidents in the nick of time.

CI is steeped in healthcare. Co-Founder Fred Langston helped develop the HIPAA Security Rule. CI has major investments from Alan Frazier’s East Seattle Partners fund, Concord Health Partners, and other significant healthcare leaders. The AHA also works with Concord Health Partners.
CI will hold a joint webinar with the AHA in June to explain the new program and discuss the solutions.

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