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2020 Outlook for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Fred Langston

Executive VP of Professional Services
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With 2019 outpacing previous years for healthcare acquisitions, expansion, and partnerships, healthcare organizations have to manage new risks and vulnerabilities. Covered entities and business associates are considering whether to use the cloud or keep data on-premises, how to implement new connected medical devices, and how to manage constant staff turnover.

As these trends continue into 2020, cybersecurity leaders can take a prioritized approach to protecting and defending patient care, securing protected health information (PHI), and meeting HIPAA Security Rule requirements.

In this webinar, CI Security CISO Mike Hamilton and Executive Healthcare Strategist Drex DeFord discuss trends from the past and how to best prepare for what's coming, including:

  • The cybersecurity trends and vulnerabilities that impacted healthcare organizations in 2019
  • Top cybersecurity priorities for healthcare in 2020
  • Mistakes and challenges of 2019, including InfoSec tool sprawl and overloading IT teams
  • 2020 solutions and priorities for managing cyber-risk
  • The latest threats toward healthcare entities, such as IoT botnet credential-stuffing and sophisticated phishing
  • Healthcare incident response in action, including recommendations for improving your incident response plans
  • New ways hospitals and clinics are conducting 24/7 network monitoring and responding to threats

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