ECMD Chooses a Cybersecurity Vendor to Trust

Company growth placed significant strain on ECMD’s security posture and resources. Unwilling to compromise on security, they started looking for a vendor they could trust. Download the case study to learn why ECMD chose Critical Insight.

“Security is not a problem you can spend your way out of. No one can say they are 100% secure.” For Steve Brown, Critical Insight’s accessible offerings allowed him to budget for the right protection.

At Critical Insight, we provide our clients with comprehensive security services to defend against a variety of attacks. Download the case study to learn what ECMD did with our help to proactively reduce risk so they could continue to scale and grow.

Critical Insight's Customizable Packages Include:

  • 24x7 Managed Detection and Response
  • Incident preparedness
  • Reduction of cyber risk
  • Elimination of significant attacker dwell time
  • Reduction of impact of a breach
  • Roadmap to elevated security posture
  • Scaling with a growing business
We’re IT professionals, but security is not our primary job. Critical Insight catches things we might not and investigates them with more specific skills.
IT provider
Steve Brown