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Public Sector Cyber Security

Protecting the networks of those who serve our communities.

Public services, such as water purification and emergency management, form the foundation of our daily lives.

The high-impact nature of these critical services makes the technologies behind them key targets for cyber threat actors. Organizations that operate these services, however, often face funding and personnel challenges that limit their ability to secure their networks against the ever-growing number of cyber threats.

City government increases security posture.

Officials at a mid-sized city were alarmed by data breaches in the news and realized they had never done a full security assessment.

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  • Lack of qualified security professionals

    The public sector has trouble recruiting and retaining cyber experts. Organizations should outsource the daily threat hunting and alert response to eliminate the hiring-hassle.

  • Risk is elevated for government because of public impacts

    The risk of a disruption in public services makes everyone nervous. Public entities can lower the impact of a breach by catching intrusions in under 2 hours.

Critical Insight’s decades of experience is at your disposal to help you solve the cyber security problem in your organization.

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Critical Insight served a pivotal role as the City positioned itself to receiving a successful (PCI) Level 1 Report of Compliance. Teri Allen, Treasury Manager
City of Seattle
  • Breaches can become public relations problems that impact elected leaders

    Even though breaches happen every day, there’s always a blame game after it happens. Public officials should be able to explain to constituents how their preparation lessened the impact of the breach.

  • There are always budget issues that make security next year’s problem

    Public entities spend money where they can get a return and see cyber security as overhead. They should focus on protecting and defending because intrusions can halt daily services.

  • Viewed by threat actors as easy to hack

    The lack of budget, processes, and people unfortunately makes the public sector more vulnerable than it should be. Agencies should get critical insight into their security posture with regular assessments.

Real people hunt for threats, investigate events, and respond with incident action plans.

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