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Legal risk and cyber risk are similar. Neither can be eliminated but the right steps can help manage the threat to an acceptable risk level.

36% of medium & large law firms have experienced a cyber security breach. While IT teams are alert-fatigued, threat actors are getting into networks and causing substantial damage. Hackers are in networks for 191 days before detection, on average. The solution is Critical Insight™ MDR, where expert analysts work 24×7×365 to catch intrusions quickly.

Critical Insight helps customer "hang-up" on illegal crypto miner.

A cryptocurrency miner got into a business’s newly upgraded phone system and a vigilant Critical Insight Analyst caught it.

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Critical Insight™ Managed Detection & Response reduces threat dwell time from months to minutes.

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Having a team of trained professionals acting as a last line of defense will let our managing partner sleep well at night and keep us from ever having to send a letter to all of our clients apologizing for our lack of vigilance. Greg Olschwang IT Director
Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC
  • Acknowledge Lawyers Are Targets

    Lawyers become targets for capable individuals and nation-states. Firms should have expert detection and response cyber security analysts who can spot the most sophisticated adversaries.

  • Take The Burden Off IT

    Law firm IT staffs are notoriously small and serve multiple purposes already. Firms should have 24×7×365 threat monitoring, which can be outsourced.

  • Watch All Technology On the Network

    People bring outside technologies onto the network. Firms should have a solution that monitors for all devices and downloads on the network.

Critical Insight’s decades of experience is at your disposal to help you solve the cyber security problem in your organization.

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  • Be Ready For Client Demands

    Clients expect data confidentiality. Firms should perform regular security assessments to uphold strong reputations for client privacy.

  • Threat Actors Are Getting More Sophisticated

    Hackers are not just guys in basements with hoodies. Nation-States are making money through cybercrime. Organizations should know their vulnerabilities and get critical insight into their security posture.

Protect your firm and your clients.

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