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Healthcare Cyber Security

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Our mission is to help you succeed in your mission and to make sure cyberattacks don’t stand in your way.

Healthcare organizations face unique cyber security challenges that can too easily disrupt their mission of delivering patient care.

Hospitals, physician practices, and business associates are getting Critical Insight into the health of their security posture. They are protecting and defending themselves using Critical Insight’s suite of services, from Managed Detection and Response to Professional Services with deep healthcare expertise. Achieve better outcomes for your patients and their data.

Hospital Stops Unencrypted Data Transfer to 3rd Party

A hospital figured out that it was sending unencrypted data over the internet and mitigated the issue before it was too late.

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The Critical Insight Healthcare Board of Advisors helps to guide our future

Critical Insight’s decades of experience is at your disposal to help you solve the cyber security problem in your organization.

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  • Cyberattacks are a mission-distraction

    The oath is, “do no harm.” Yet while patients are experiencing the most vulnerable times in their lives, cybercriminals are trying to do harm. Organizations need critical insight into their security posture and the ability to lower the impact of attacks.

  • Threat actors are getting more sophisticated

    Nation-States are focused on breaching healthcare entities for multiple reasons. Organizations should know their vulnerabilities and get critical insight into their security posture.

Critical Insight™ Managed Detection & Response reduces threat dwell time from months to minutes.

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Critical Insight is informing us of more events than our previous vendor, which was one of the driving forces for switching to Critical Insight. For example, while doing an internal phishing campaign there were 2 actual malware/annoy-ware events discovered by Critical Insight that we contained. I sleep better at night with Critical Insight watching our environment. IT Manager
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  • Connected Medical devices are too vulnerable

    Makers of new devices are not creating them with necessary security nor are they patching them quickly enough. Those devices are connected to patients. Organizations should both test and monitor the devices on their network.

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  • Alert monitoring is a burden on teams

    Organizations fall behind on digital transformation projects because IT teams waste time chasing false-positive alerts. When detection & response is outsourced, patient-focus comes back and teams get freed up.

  • Hiring & retaining competent security professionals is a hassle

    It’s never been harder to find and keep qualified employees. For the cost of one full-time employee, organizations can get 24/7/365 security monitoring.

Contact us for expert help protecting and defending your healthcare environment. Together, we'll develop a plan that's custom to your needs, from HIPAA risk assessments to 24×7×365 monitoring, at a reasonable cost.

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