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Education Cyber Security

Getting Critical Insight™ protects our future

An educational institution reports a cyber incident every 3 days in the U.S.

Protective controls are not enough to prevent a security incident, which can lead to identity theft, destruction of school records and property, school closures, and more. While education IT teams are understaffed, overextended, and alert-fatigued, threat actors are getting inside education networks and causing harm to students, staff, faculty, and parents.

Critical Insight helps customer "hang-up" on illegal crypto miner.

A cryptocurrency miner got into a business’s newly upgraded phone system and a vigilant Critical Insight Analyst caught it.

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Critical Insight™ Managed Detection & Response reduces threat dwell time from months to minutes.

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We are more confident, especially on the weekend and after hours, that an outbreak will be caught fast. Our team has better work/life balance now that we have Critical Insight. Information Security Manager
School District Client
  • Breaches Affecting School Operations and Student Data

    Critical Insight Analysts monitor logs, review alerts, and leverage threat intelligence to catch threats. If confirmed, the CI Success Engineers work quickly to initiate a customized Incident Action Plan with you to respond to the threat immediately.

  • Ransomware Designed for Extortion

    Critical Insight Analysts monitor for persistence payloads communicating to the internet and command & control (C2) servers. Analysts watch for indicators of active beacons, including those configured in “long haul” mode.

  • Phishing and Credential Misuse

    Critical Insight Security Analysts monitor for failed logins, unencrypted pages, and unsecured websites. The Customer Success Team recommends actions, including a forced password reset of all users, to stop credential misuse.

Critical Insight’s decades of experience is at your disposal to help you solve the cyber security problem in your organization.

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  • Strengthen Your Regulatory Compliance

    Critical Insight’s Consulting specializes in security awareness and training programs, incident response, password policies, network security, cloud security, disaster recovery, and more. Critical Insight's Consultants can also address security control readiness for FERPA, CIPA, and COPPA.

  • Corruption of School Technology and Security Systems

    Critical Insight’s Consulting Division can guide you through logically segmenting your networks and servers that store student records and manage critical operations from lower priority activities, such as “hot zones” for student activity and personal devices on campus.

Critical Insight’s decades of experience is at your disposal to help you solve the cyber security problem for your educational institution.

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