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Get Critical Insight™ into the cyber security of your organization

Critical Insight’s people leverage purpose-built technology to defend critical systems.

With a proven track record across critical, regulated industries, Critical Insight will develop a unique set of solutions that strengthen your organization’s network and data security.

Our IT Security services protect your organization’s network and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards: HIPAA, NIST, FFIEC, DFARS, PCI, ISO, and more. Critical Insight Analysts and consultants extend your team so that you can focus on your core business.

Critical Insight helps customer "hang-up" on illegal crypto miner.

A cryptocurrency miner got into a business’s newly upgraded phone system and a vigilant Critical Insight Analyst caught it.

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Critical Insight™ Managed Detection & Response reduces threat dwell time from months to minutes.

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We used to get hundreds of security questions and we would have to answer ‘no’ to many of them. Now, with the combination of the audit, Critical Insight PenTests, and MDR, we can answer ‘yes, yes, yes’ on those questionnaires. Daniel Kratz, Information Systems Manager
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  • Protective measures don’t work as promised

    Every promise of 100% protection has been broken. Organizations need to assess their security baseline, get critical insight into their security posture, and pay more attention to intrusion detection & response.

  • Alert monitoring is a burden on teams

    Organizations fall behind on digital transformation projects because IT teams waste time chasing false-positive alerts. When detection & response is outsourced, teams get freed up.

  • Hiring & retaining competent security professionals is a hassle

    It’s never been harder to find and keep qualified employees. For the cost of one full-time employee, organizations can get 24/7/365 security monitoring.

Critical Insight’s decades of experience is at your disposal to help you solve the cyber security problem in your organization.

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  • OT & IoT devices are too vulnerable

    Makers of new devices are not creating them with necessary security nor are they patching them quickly enough. Organizations should both test and monitor the devices on their network.

  • Threat actors are getting more sophisticated

    Hackers are not just guys in basements with hoodies. Nation-States are making money through cybercrime. Organizations should know their vulnerabilities and get critical insight into their security posture.

Real people hunt for threats, investigate events, and respond with incident action plans.

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