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Our IT Security services protect your organization’s network and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards: HIPAA, NIST, FFIEC, DFARS, PCI, ISO, and more.

Healthcare organizations face unique cyber security challenges that can too easily disrupt their mission of delivering patient care.

IT teams working in these organizations must counter a growing number of cyber threats, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain a variety of life-saving devices. Critical Insight works with hospitals, specialty clinics, physician practices, and business associates to reduce cyber-risk at a reasonable cost.

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CI provided MGH&FC with a rich approach to compliance and a sound foundation for an improved security strategy. The whole engagement was about improving security not just achieving compliance. Gary Diemert, Director of Information Technology
Mason General Hospital and Family of Clinics

Public services, such as water purification, education, and emergency management, form the foundation of our daily lives.

The high-impact nature of these critical services makes the technologies behind them critical targets for cyber threat actors. Organizations that operate these services, however, often face funding and personnel challenges that limit their ability to secure their networks against the ever-growing number of cyber threats.

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Because you called we were able to act really quickly. No emails or data was compromised. Thank you for calling yesterday so quickly. It really did save us! Network Engineer
County Government Customer

cyber security incidents at schools can lead to identity theft, destruction of school records and property, school closures, and more.

In 2018, an educational institution reported a confirmed cyber security incident every three days in the U.S. — and that’s not counting the cyber security incidents that were never publicly reported.

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We are more confident, especially on the weekend and after hours, that an outbreak will be caught fast. Our team has better work/life balance now that we have Critical Insight. Information Security Manager
School District Client

No system is 100% secure, and preventive controls, while essential, are no longer sufficient against cyberattacks.

Organizations now plan for cyber threats as foreseeable events that lead to expensive data breaches, disruption to operations, and outright theft. Additionally, regulators are compelling CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs to develop and manage KPIs that demonstrate management of this information security risk.

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Threat actors will try to leverage an intermediary company like Optimum to try to get into our system in order to ultimately get into our customers’, which include Government and municipal agencies. Daniel Kratz, Information Systems Manager
Optimum Energy

Legal risk and cyber risk are similar. You can’t eliminate either, but the right steps can help manage the threat to an acceptable risk level.

Law firms are learning prevention is not enough. While IT teams are alert-fatigued, threat actors are getting into networks and causing substantial damage.

Moreover, clients are choosing law firms with strong cyber security programs in place.

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Critical Insight served a pivotal role as the City positioned itself to receiving a successful (PCI) Level 1 Report of Compliance. Teri Allen, Treasury Manager
City of Seattle
Case Study

A health clinic with growing programs and partnerships realized the need for a HIPAA risk assessment.

The assessment showed critical gaps in security leaving systems and patient data at risk. In this case study, see what clinic leaders did to solve the problems at a reasonable cost.

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